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We design, tender for, manage and review innovative aid and development programs.

DevDAS has 10+ years' design experience, has designed or re-scoped over 20 programs for donors, private sector and NGOs, including several A$10million + multi-year initiatives. DevDAS is also retained on the DFAT Design Panel (2007 - current). Contact us about your next design.


At DevDAS, we have led and secured over 50% of the 80+ donor initiatives for which we have tendered (2005 - current). We provide full tender cycle support from strategic advice to technical writing. We ensure strict client confidentiality. Consider us for your upcoming tender.


DevDAS has managed 40+ development initiatives and projects across the Indo-Pacific region (2002 - current), working for donors including DFAT Australian Aid, World Bank Group, private sector and NGOs. Our sectors of work are diverse. Consult with us about your project needs.


At DevDAS, we have 10+ years' experience in undertaking reviews of donors' programs globally, including of grants across the Indo-Pacific region, Africa and Latin America and the Caribbean. Our reviews span a range of sectors. Discuss your next review with us.

We have 50+ happy clients in the last 8 years. You can check what they are saying about us.


We have consulted on 50+ aid initiatives across a range of sectors in different regions.
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About Us

We design, tender for, manage, and review innovative Aid and Developement programs.
Developing innovative aid initiatives with passion since 2007.

DevDAS Pty Ltd is an aid and development consultancy firm, working in the Asia-Pacific region. We have consulted on aid initiatives across a range of sectors ñ such as in governance, education, health and technology ñ worth over A$50 million. Our clients include donors such as DFAT Australian Aid, World Bank Group and the private sector.

At DevDAS we offer a fresh, modern approach to the field of aid and development. We believe in:

  1. Bringing novel approaches to issues
  2. Combining theory with practice
  3. Applying appropriate technology
  4. Building regional professionals
  5. Investing in the leaders of tomorrow

We’re keen to put these into practice and ‘live our shared values’ through our approaches and work together in emerging economies.How do we do this? For example, since 2007 DevDAS has supported 60+ entrepreneurs - especially women - who are making a living through loans as part of our Kiva portfolio. See more here.

Are you a Consultant from the region? Do you work with a Bilateral or Multilateral agency? Are you tendering for an aid agency initiative? Do you need an overseas program managed? See more information here.

  • Design

    We design aid and development initiatives for the Indo-Pacific region.

  • Tender

    We assist firms to tender for and secure aid programs.

  • Project Management

    We add practical experience to managing your aid initiatives.

  • Review

    We conduct mid term and end of program evaluations.


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Years of Experience

Our Team

Tamara Haig
Principal & Founder

Tamara has 15 years experience across 12 countries in the Indo-Pacific region for clients including DFAT, WBG, private sector and NGOs. She has designed, worked on or managed 80+ aid initiatives and is on several donor panels (for design, gender and ICT). She speaks English and Melanesian Pidgin.

Rekha Dey

Rekha has over 10 years experience for private, public sector and donors including DFAT/ ASC across projects, research, advocacy and marketing (including sports development) in India and the region. She has developed NGO, PPP and business models, and managed A$5 million aid initiatives.

Nynette Sass

Nynette has over 20 years experience across Samoa and the Pacific, spanning business advisory and NGO governance work for WBG (IFC) and NGOs. She is Secretary General and a founding member of Samoa For Real Inc (NGO) and has held board and executive roles relating to business and NGOs.

David Teaabo

David has over 10 years experience across the Pacific, in particular Kiribati and Micronesia. He has worked with PIFS and NGOs and has consulted across projects, gender and M&E. David has worked with governments, on boards for NGOs, for the Red Cross, for DFAT Australian Aid and others.

Justice Gua

Justice has over 15 years experience working across PNG with donors (DFAT and UNDP), aid managing contractors including in Deputy TL roles (Coffey, Abt JTA and Cardno Emerging Markets), government (national and provincial) and private sector (banking and telecommunications).

Twinkle Gupta
Intern (2015)

Twinkle has several years experience applying engineering design and communication systems across project management and consulting / professional services. Since 2013, she has worked with companies such as GE, Energy Australia and DevDAS. Twinkle speaks fluent English and Hindi.

April Zhu
Intern (2015)

April has several years experience in project roles across Australia and Asia including in data management, teamwork and communications. She has worked in the aid and development, banking and retail sectors. She speaks fluent mandarin and intermediate English.

Danielle Greentree
General Manager,
International Development

Danielle has 15 years experience working across projects including the Asia-Pacific for donors (such as DFAT, WBG and ADB), private sector, regional organisations and governments. She is skilled in business development, project management and operations, working with teams across countries.


We have 4 friendly packages for you. Check all the packages and choose the right one for you.
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Call for Associates
  • Uphold DevDAS values & show goodwill
  • Work referrals & pursue work together
  • Pro bono (non paid) & Possible fee-based contracts
  • Renewed by mutual agreement

Engaging with Donors
  • Quick response turnaround & on-point TOR scoping
  • Specialists on hand (Design, Sectoral)
  • Easy contracting - DevDAS is on 4 agency panels (DFAT, other)
  • Ongoing and/or assignment-based contracts
Tenders for Private Sector
  • Quick scoping of your needs & getting started
  • Targeted inputs at all stages of tender cycle
  • Client insights - DevDAS works with key donors
  • Ongoing and/or assignment-based contracts
Program Management Support
  • Tailored solutions for your context
  • Easy contracting options & hassle-free approach
  • Program Management & technical staff on hand
  • Time, Budget, Scope & Impact-driven


We have worked with more than 50 clients. Check what our clients are saying about us.

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