DevDAS has 10+ years' design experience, has designed or re-scoped over 20 programs for donors, private sector and NGOs, including several A$10million + multi-year initiatives. DevDAS is also retained on the DFAT Design Panel (2007 - current). Here are some examples for our Designs.
  • Desk, Regional: DFAT Aid Advisory Services (AAS), Design Panel Member, DFAT, 2015
  • Desk: Australian Civilian Corps (ACC) Support Services, Project Design, Design Consultant, DFAT 2010
  • Desk: Iraq Customs & Border Control Project, Design Adviser, DFAT/CCES, 2009
  • Desk: Gender Analysis and Integration Paper for Design Document: Multi-Country Market Development Facility (M4P - Making Markets Work for the Poor), [Timor-Leste, Fiji, Solomon Islands], Gender Adviser, DFAT, June - July 2009. Designed program value: $11m/3 yrs
  • Desk: DFAT-funded Vanuatu Transport Sector Support Program (VTSSP) design, Editing, synthesis, analysis and compliance, Design Adviser, DFAT, 2008