Governance and PSD

DevDAS has consulted across 34 aid initiatives in the area of Governance and Private Sector Development across various countries for different clients. Here are some examples for our Governance and Private Sector Development work.
  • Desk, PNG: PNG-Australia Law & Justice Partnership (PALJP): Sector-wide Annual Performance Report (APR), M&E Consultant, Cardno/DFAT, 2013
  • Desk, Pacific: DFAT-funded Pacific Leadership Program (PLP) Research Panel Members (DevDAS Team), Cardno/DFAT, 2013 - current
  • Desk, Asia-Pacific: Timor-Leste, Tonga, Samoa, Solomon Islands, PNG, Fiji Islands (desk), Vanuatu (desk), Gender Mainstreaming Program case studies, World Bank Group/IFC/DFAT, 2010
  • Desk: Iraq Customs & Border Control Project, Design Adviser, DFAT/CCES, 2009
  • Desk: International Development Contractors (IDC) Group, Taskforce Leader - Strategy & Engagement, 20073