Liquica, Timor-Leste

Meet Fidelia Soares and her daughter Domingas, part of a project encouraging girls to go to and stay in school.  At DevDAS, our work in Timor-Leste has spanned 10 years, in women’s economic empowerment, market systems development to communicating cross-sectoral initiatives funded by DFAT.  

Tabiang Village, Fiji

Schoolgirls perform a dance tourists: tourism is a key driver of economic growth in Fiji. We have a DevDAS Fiji Associate. Sectorally, we have also designed and reviewed productive sector initiatives such as in tourism in Pacific Island Countries and ASEAN Member States. We are an Advisory Group Member on the DFAT funded MDF Phase[…]


Meet Calma Arcala who used a small loan to start a business and employ staff. At DevDAS, we have been a resident of a business incubator/accelerator, supported women entrepreneurs through our IFC/DFAT work, and the start-up eco-system via women focused investments in our Kiva portfolio. Technology for Development and design products are also areas of[…]


Meet Australian Volunteer Caroline Conlon teaching deaf students and adults at a special needs school. Caroline is deaf herself.  At DevDAS, we have considered disability inclusion aspects across our 10 DFAT initiative designs, and recently developed a Disability Inclusion Strategy for a DFAT program in PNG.  

Hoi An, Viet Nam

A woman selling fruits. At DevDAS, we have developed Gender Analysis and Integration Papers into Market Systems Development initiatives, and developed case studies for IFC/DFAT profiling Economic Opportunities for women based on 70 interviews across seven countries. We have a devolved team structure, with staff also in Viet Nam.

Port Moresby, PNG

Electoral Commission workers at a trial poll booth, showing candidate posters that Australian Civilian Corps helped produce. DevDAS assisted to design the first DFAT funded Australian Civilian Corps. In PNG itself, we have worked for over 10 years including such as on recent designs for the Church Partnership Program, a Sports Strategy, and SEED Pacific[…]

Sri Lanka

Meet Indrani Nallathambi, a gardener and participant in a program for sustainable farming practices.  At DevDAS, our early work with NGOs included inputs to programs in Sri Lanka. We have been retained for intermittent Gender Equality advice to DFAT and NGO programs in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Manado, Indonesia

Children at play. DevDAS has worked in Indonesia for 10 years, in design and DFAT tender assessment roles across law and justice, tertiary education research, and regional initiatives for economic integration via online/communication platforms.

Malekula Island, Vanuatu

Meet Rosaria Nedis, resting with her daughter at Norsup Hospital.  DevDAS first worked in Vanuatu 15 years ago, have a Vanuatu Associate, and have returned to help design a Transport Sector Support Program, launch regional DFAT funded practitioner websites/portals, consider Vanuatu aspects of regional programs and assess tenders to DFAT for education programming.  


Meet Mak Moa Nang, a grade one teacher at Krola Primary School who has taught for six years.  DevDAS has worked in Cambodia, documenting success stories and case studies behind their and Indonesia’s national efforts towards regional economic integration, as well as part of ASEAN wide initiatives funded by DFAT.